We are happy to have you here and we hope you enjoy your stay. When we say “we”, “us”, it’s because that’s who we are, we own and operate the CYBEJ website.

CYBEJ’s digital marketplace ecosystem helps millions of people around the world get creative and make money online. When you create an account and accept these terms, you become a member of our community. You will have a CYBEJ account that will allow you to buy and sell items similar to those on the CYBEJ website and make other related transactions.

The CYBEJ website is a platform that allows members to buy and sell licenses to use digital items such as website themes. On CYBEJ, buyers and authors (sellers) trade directly with each other, and we provide a platform that allows trades to happen. If you have a CYBEJ account, any transactions are recorded in your Membership Statement, which records payments made by you (as buyer) to authors through CYBEJ and payments made by buyers to you (as author) through CYBEJ.

Items on CYBEJ are owned by the author, not by us. Items on CYBEJ are uploaded under the guidance of the author. We provide Platform Services; we do not own any title to these items.

During your engagement with us, you agree to abide by the ground rules set out in these terms, so please read and understand them. We are saddened if you do not accept these terms, but you need to leave, as your presence and use on the CYBEJ website is contingent upon your acceptance of these terms and the Acceptable Use Policy as a member or not.

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