Streamo – Netflix Like Gatsby Website Template


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Last updated on June 17, 2024 7:09 pm
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Streamo – Netflix Like Gatsby Website Template

Looking for a Netflix Like Gatsby Website Template that is both easy to use and looks great? Look no further than Streamo! This exclusive template is ideal for live streaming TV websites.

This template is built using the latest version of React and Gatsby that will help you get started with a well-functional website in little to no time. Plus, this template embodies a stunning design that will make your website stand out from the competition.

Detail Description of Streamo – Netflix Like Gatsby Website Template

Streamo – Netflix Like Gatsby Website Template is a pre-designed website template powered by React and Gatsby that allows you to quickly get a Netflix video streaming website up and running. The Netflix Video streaming websites are perfect for hosting videos, live streaming tv, or film & tv content. The Netflix Video streaming app templates are also available and can be used to create an app for your video content.

Streamo – Netflix Like Gatsby Website Template makes it easy to add video streaming functionality to any website. This distinct Video Streaming App Template comes with a number of powerful features, including the ability to build on the Build on React Platform (v7.27.1), Gatsby (v4.x.x), and Lerna and Yarn Workspace Monorepo Architecture.

It also features component shadowing, data sources from JSON, and streaming variations. With Gatsby JS, Tailwindcss, Swiper Js Slider, React Player (v2.9.0), Material Icon, Google Font, React Modal Video, and fully responsive design, Streamo also provides a great user experience that is both fast and reliable.

Images Optimized by gatsby-plugin-image:

In this Netflix Like Gatsby React Website Template, the images are optimized by Gatsby Image Plugin. One of the best things about Gatsby Image Plugin is that it automatically optimizes your image loading for different devices. This means that your website will load faster on mobile devices, and it will also look great on retina displays.

Form Validation Check by React Hook Form:

Form validation is an important part of any web application. It helps ensure that user input is accurate and prevents bad data from entering the system. React Hook Form is a library that makes form validation easy to implement.

React Hooks used:

In developing Streamo – Netflix Like Gatsby React Website Template, React hooks have been used. React hooks provide a much cleaner way of working with react components by allowing you to use state and other features without needing a class. This makes it much easier to manage your code and makes it more modular. Additionally, since hooks are built into React, you can be sure that they will continue to be supported in future versions of React.

Reusable Components:

Video or Movie Streaming Website Templates like Streamo are built with components that you can easily reuse on other projects.

Faster Development:

Netflix Like Gatsby Website Templates can help you save time and money by allowing you to quickly create a professional-looking website without having to hire a web developer.

It’s no surprise, then, that many businesses are looking for ways to incorporate Netflix video streaming into their websites.

Streamo – Netflix Like Gatsby Website Template is the perfect solution for those looking to add video streaming functionality to their website. Try it today!


  • Build on React Platform (v7.27.1)
  • Build on Gatsby (v4.x.x)
  • Lerna and Yarn Workspace Monorepo Architecture
  • Build on Gatsby Theme
  • Component Shadowing
  • Data Sources from Json
  • Streaming variations
  • Video for react-player (v2.9.0),
  • Images Optimized by gatsby-plugin-image
  • React Hooks used
  • Reuseable Components
  • Form Validation Check by React Hook Form
  • Google Map
  • No jQuery Dependency
  • Responsive Layout
  • Google Fonts
  • Fully compatible for all major browsers such as Firefox, Safari,
    Chrome, Vivaldi, Microsoft Edge
  • Well Documented
  • Life Time Free Update
  • Amazing 5 stars support
  • Best Developer Experience
  • and Much More…


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Streamo – Netflix Like Gatsby Website Template
Streamo – Netflix Like Gatsby Website Template

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